You have reached the website of the Vascular Services Research Programme.  This website provides information about a programme of research funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) entitled The Design, Development, Commissioning and Evaluation of Patient Focused Vascular Services.  The research was a six year programme that was completed in May 2019.  The final report is currently undergoing the editorial process with NIHR and should be published early in 2020.

The research has resulted in numerous publications and other outputs relating to the organisation of vascular services, vascular outcome measures and patient preferences, a new web-based outcome measure – the ePAQ-VAS and a computer simulation model to predict the results of reconfiguration of services.

Further details of the team and how the research was carried out can be found by following the links in the menus above.

Much of the research was based upon routinely collected data supplied by NHS Digital.  Please follow this link for the Privacy Notice relating to the use of HES data supplied by NHS Digital