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Dietary Transitions in Ghanaian cities: Preliminary findings– March 2019  Fiona Graham and Senam Klomegah summarise the preliminary findings of the research undertaken in urban cities in Ghana.

Food safety is an important factor to consider in promoting healthy eating in urban GhanaFebruary 2019  Krystal Rampalli,  Rebecca Pradeilles and Akuah Tandoh discuss the findings from the Photovoice study conducted in Accra and Ho, Ghana.

Promoting healthier diets in African cities– November 2018 Danielle Doughman, Gershim Asiki and Kristin Bash discuss findings of studies conducted to identify government actions to promote healthier diets in African cities.

Observations from the field: Dietary transitions in Ghanaian cities-2017 Hibbah Osei-Kwasi shares her experiences of field work with the Dietary Transitions in Ghanaian Cities project.