Conference Presentation

Thokala P. Incorporating multiple criteria in health technology assessment (HTA): A case study of dementia. iHEA Milan 2015.

Rimmer M.  Entitlement and Access to Resources for Older People in Relation to Health and Wellbeing.  British Society of Gerontology, Newcastle 2015.

Salway S. Towards enhanced community genetic literacy among a minority ethnic community: a participatory action research project Lancet/UCL Public Health Science: A National Conference Dedicated to New Research in UK. Glasgow, 2014.

Watson P. The development of a statistical model to describe longitudinal and correlated metabolic risk factors to evaluate policies to prevent type 2 diabetes. European Diabetes Epidemiology Group, Sardinia, 2014.

Aging and Society: Fourth Interdisciplinary Conference (Diversity and Aging)   “Aging, Welfare Benefits, and Wellbeing: The Role of Welfare Benefits in Shaping Wellbeing in Older Age” 2014. 2014

Owen J. ‘Evidence of Effective Practice’ to the Annual Conference of the National PSE Association for Advisers, Inspectors and Consultants, in Birmingham (see ).

Mooney J. Oral Presentation: Potential Utility of the ANGELO Obesity Policy Framework in the Prioritisation of Alcohol Harm Prevention Measures. Annual Kettil Brunn Society Meeting. 2014

Payne N, Scalabrini S. Project findings presented at LARIA conference, University of Manchester

Whitfield Grahame. International Disabilities Studies Conference. Lancaster University, 2014

Lancet/UCL Public Health Science Conference 2013; Title: Development of a comparative cost-effectiveness appraisal tool for local alcohol policy prioritisation (methods only). Conference aimed at public health practitioners. 2013.

Goyder E. Can national Schools for Public Health Research help build the future evidence base for public health? Lessons from the first year of England’s first national School for Public Health Research. 2013.

Conference Posters

Buckner S, Milton S, Green J, Salway S, Powell K, Moffatt S. “Welfare benefits, wellbeing and loneliness at older age: towards an evaluation of the impact of withdrawal of universal benefits”. NIHR SPHR Annual Scientific Meeting, Sheffield, October 2014.

Watson, P. A Policy Analysis Model to Evaluate Policies and Interventions to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Public Health England Conference, Warwick, 16 September, 2014. Poster and brief presentation.

Seminars and Workshops

Drinkwise Regional Policy Workshop: Statement of Licensing Policy: Review of results from licensing policy audit of North West England Local Authority Areas. 2014.

Brennan A, Thokala P. Workshop with Cambridge colleagues and researchers from other institutions on modelling the ageing population. 2014.

Non-Academic Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

Powell K, Green J, Salway S, Milton Buckner S, Moffatt S. “Older people’s wellbeing in the UK: a qualitative exploration of the role of universal welfare benefits”. NIHR SPHR Annual Scientific Meeting, October, Sheffield 2014.

Katie Powell delivered a presentation ‘Welfare benefits and wellbeing among older people’ at the SPHR Annual Scientific Meeting in Sheffield 2014

Mooney J. Early career researchers day at SPHR Annual Scientific Meeting 2014: Investigating local policy drivers for alcohol harm prevention: a comparative case study of two local authorities in England.

Rotherham Alcohol Policy Forum, New York Stadium (160-170 stakeholder /attendees): overview of SAPM-LA (Locally Adapted – Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model). Attended by community alcohol workers, service users, local councillors, police, licensees, retailers and public health practitioners. 2014

Whitfield Grahame. Involve Yorks and Humber. Fit for the Future, 2014.

PHE Regional Alcohol & Drugs Forum, Focus on Licensing Approaches: 10min overview of SAPM-LA (Locally Adapted – Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model). Invited presentation and facilitated discussion at regular regional meeting of LA public health alcohol leads as well as licensing personnel. 2013.

ScHARR in-house seminar on community delivered alcohol brief interventions.

Drinkwise Regional Policy Workshop: Statement of Licensing Policy: Review of results from licensing policy audit of North West England Local Authority Areas. 2014.

Salway S. Going Live: Making the new PH system work, Midlands and East of England Region’  2014