Sexual Health and Alcohol Education for Young People: Developing an Evidence-based Educational Intervention

On 25 September 2015 members of SPHR’s Alcohol Programme team held a workshop at the Friends Meeting House in London to share findings from the first phase of their research with a range of experts and practitioners in the field of alcohol and sexual health education. In addition to feedback the team asked for input on areas where their research had indicated there was either uncertainty, lack of consensus, or lack of evidence, including what sort of ethos should underpin sexual health and alcohol education programmes, how schools should engage with parents about sex and relationships education (SRE) and who should teach SRE?

While there was consensus on many issues there were some areas where workshop participants raised issues that conflicted with young people’s views. For example our research found that many young people reported disliking having their own teachers deliver SRE; however, workshop participants were strongly of the opinion that teachers represent the only sustainable solution for SRE delivery in schools. While answering some questions then, this lively workshop raised another: what to do when issues about sustainability clash with those of acceptability?

From: Rona Campbell and SPHR team members (Pandora Pound, Janet Shucksmith, Jenny Owen, Chris Bonell, Anne Johnson, Sarah Denford, Charles Abraham, Leanne Mohan and Rebecca Hutten)