Preventing alcohol-related harm: Testing and generating evidence for local practitioners and policy makers. Component B

Component B: Development of a local authority-level adaptation of Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model (SAPM-LA)

What are the aims of this project?

The central aim of this project is to provide public health stakeholders within local authorities with evidence more tailored to their particular context which details the most effective and, where possible cost effective, alcohol policy interventions (either separately or in combination) which they can implement.

Component B of the project aims to determine the feasibility of developing a new Local Authority level adaptation of an influential alcohol policy appraisal tool; the Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model (SAPM). SAPM is already used at a national level to appraise pricing policies, alcohol screening and brief intervention, and licensing restrictions on alcohol outlet opening hours and density. We aim to show how this might be adapted to allow the effect of local variation in policies on alcohol consumption and harms to be modelled.

Why is this important?

Local government policy makers currently lack evidence tailored to their particular context which appraises the effectiveness and, where possible, cost-effectiveness of different combinations of policy and intervention options which would enable them to select the ‘best buys’ to meet their particular aims.

How will the research be carried out?

Adaptation of SAPM for the Local Authority level requires local level data inputs, with current national-level data inputs relating to consumption, pricing, availability and harms to be substituted with local-level data. A major stream of activity for the project therefore will be in identifying or adapting data sources suitable for this purpose. The model will then be validated (for example by cross validation with Local Alcohol Profile for England data) and the Local Authority policy appraisal capacity of the new model pilot tested in selected areas.



Who is undertaking the research?

The University of Sheffield

Alan Brennan
John Homes
Penny Buykx
Lucy Gell
Colin Angus
Petra Meier
Robert Pryce
Duncan Gillespie

University of Bristol

Matt Hickman
Frank de Vocht

How are stakeholders being engaged?

We are building on the links established with Local Authority stakeholders in Component A  of the project. We have already sought stakeholder input regarding relevant data sources which would be important to include in the local adaptation of SAPM. This engagement will continue throughout the model development and pilot testing

What will be the outputs from the study?

We will produce a report detailing methods to generate Local Authority specific data inputs for consumption, spending, availability and harms, a model structure to enable estimated inputs to be generated for any LA in England, a pilot test of the model in at least 2 Local Authorities, and a report on the feasibility, costs and timescales of making a country wide version of the model available for every single LA in England.

Presentations and papers from the project

de Vocht, F., Heron, J., Angus, C., Brennan, A., Mooney, J., Lock, K., Campbell, R. and Hickman, M. (2015)  ‘Measurable effects of local alcohol licensing policies on population health in England’, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health DOI: 10.1136/JECH-2015-206040

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