Evaluation of selected local interventions and develop local authorities’ methods and evaluation capacity.Component C

Component C involves undertaking a number of local policy evaluations in partnership with local authority staff. The exact evaluation methods will be intervention and context specific but will aim to understand some of the context and complexity around each evaluation case study. We will work with local authority partners to consider what types of evaluation are feasible, what are the barriers to more or better evaluation in terms of skills, data and resources.

Natural experiments will also be defined using data gathered in Component B addressing variation in alcohol intervention exposure, implementation of specific interventions or combinations of interventions at a local level. Both prospective and retrospective natural experiments are envisaged and will draw on time trend data on either alcohol harms or consumption of both.

Finally, discussion documents for local authorities will be produced to provide learning regarding best practice in conducting evaluations of alcohol public health interventions. These will cover what we know about appropriate evaluative methods and what data should be collected at what time points to ensure robust estimates of effectiveness can be produced. If appropriate, recommendations may be made for consistent locally collected but nationally analysable metrics of the alcohol system.