Alcohol Programme

The aim of the NIHR SPHR alcohol programme is to identify and evaluate approaches to reducing alcohol-related harm that are relevant in an English public health policy context. Prevention of alcohol consumption and harm inevitably is complex, and will require multiple integrated components that can operate at individual, community and environmental levels.

Here in SPHR@Sheffield we are currently working with colleagues on several projects within the Alcohol Programme: 

Preventing alcohol-related harm:  Testing and generating evidence for local practitioners and policy makers.

  • Component A: Understanding local area alcohol policies, interventions, evaluation priorities, and evidence requirements.
  • Component B: Development of a local authority-level adaptation of Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model (SAPM-LA)
  • Component C:  Evaluation of selected local interventions and develop local authorities’ methods and evaluation capacity

Risky sexual behaviour and alcohol misuse in young people: developing a multi-component universal education intervention.  

New technologies for reducing excessive alcohol use

A pilot randomised controlled trial  of alcohol screening and brief interventions in the police custody suite setting

The Alcohol Toolkit Study: Tracking key performance indicators of alcohol consumption in England