Ageing well modelling

Sheffield contact Praveen Thokala

This project aims to develop prediction models to estimate the effectiveness and value for money of interventions for cardiovascular diseases and dementia, and the impact these interventions could have on reducing health and social care demand. The objectives include:

  • Reviewing the existing evidence on the effects of population ageing on health and social care demand
  • Developing a flexible framework which predicts the ageing population and their impact on the healthcare needs such as primary care, secondary care and healthcare workforce
  • Reviewing the evidence on the effects of healthy ageing interventions on reducing health and social care demand
  • Utilising the framework as a decision support tool to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness (i.e. value for money) of ‘healthy ageing’ interventions

The prediction models will enable translation of evidence into practice by supporting decision making at national and local levels.

Conference presentations

Thokala P. Incorporating multiple criteria in health technology assessment (HTA): A case study of dementia. iHEA Milan 2015.