Workshop – How to Evaluate your Work around Public Health

How to Evaluate Your WorkThe first Sheffield SPHR evaluation workshop was held in ScHARR on Wednesday 16th September 2015. This interactive workshop was run for anyone involved in designing, commissioning, managing or delivering strategies, policies or interventions aimed at improving the health and well-being of the population.   Participants who considered  themselves to be working in public health or in any area that has the potential to impact upon public health, such as: housing; police and crime; social services; education; planning; transport were welcomed. Participants are were also welcome from the public and third sector.   Participants were encouraged to contribute examples from their own areas of work for group exercises.

The workshop was attended by a broad range of participants from local authorities and NHS Foundation trusts to community organisations and charities. The format of the workshop allowed for the generation of some very valuable feedback.  The event was heavily oversubscribed with attendees travelling from across Yorkshire and the North West. Due to the very positive response and demand for places, the NIHR SPHR team at ScHARR plan to hold another two workshops in 2016. Similar workshops have been held by NIHR SPHR members in London, Cambridge, Bristol, and Exeter and others are planned for the coming year. Details will be announced on the NIHR SPHR website.

Learning Objectives:
  • To appreciate the range of evaluation approaches and their appropriateness for different evaluation questions.
  • To be able to clarify the purpose, focus and boundaries of evaluations.
  • To be able to identify complexity issues and how they can be incorporated into evaluations.
  • To become familiar with ‘theory led’ evaluation approaches and intervention mapping.
  • To be able to identify ways of generating data to answer your evaluation questions.
Workshop Facilitators:

Steve Ariss, Research Fellow, ScHARR, University of Sheffield

Susan Hampshaw, Head of Research & Evaluation, Public Health, Doncaster Council

Sarah Salway, Professor of Public Health, ScHARR, University of Sheffield

Please see the flier  for more information