Public Involvement in Research, Evaluation and Service Design for Health and Well-being: a practice sharing event.

10 December 2015

Researchers at ScHARR hosted an interactive Public Involvement in Research practice sharing event.  The event provided an excellent networking opportunity for 50 participants including members of the public, researchers and people from diverse areas of public health.

PPI Event 10 Dec 2015 1

The presentations by researchers and members of the public who had been involved in studies highlighted the importance of teamwork, preparation, training and support for those involved. The small and large group discussions that followed the presentations showed that there are a number of opportunities and challenges for future public involvement. These included issues around ensuring that opportunities for public involvement are accessible to all and that public involvement approaches value the contributions of all. There was agreement that public involvement requires a commitment from all and may lead to the development of long term relationships.

Presentations from the event