How to Evaluate your Work Around Public Health

The second SPHR@Sheffield evaluation workshop was held on the 8th April 2016. The event was attended by 32 people from a range of statutory and community and voluntary sector organisations – including physical activity, gypsy and traveller health, and mental health services. There were practitioners and commissioners in attendance. The participants had varied experience of evaluation

Evaluation event 8 April 16Participants worked in pairs and small groups across 5 different activities and took part in some whole group discussions. People were keen to discuss shared concerns they have about evaluation. The tensions between developing good evidence and quick evidence were discussed.


Several people said that the session had helped them to think about evaluation differently in terms of what they were trying to show and to which audiences. Some people also said that the session had helped them to identify intermediary outcomes within their programmes that might help them in developing a more effective programme over all.

 Learning objectives:

  • To appreciate the range of evaluation approaches and their appropriateness for
  • different evaluation questions.
  • To be able to clarify the purpose, focus and boundaries of evaluations.
  • To be able to identify complexity issues and how they can be incorporated into
  • evaluations.
  • To become familiar with ‘theory led’ evaluation approaches and intervention mapping.
  • To be able to identify ways of generating data to answer your evaluation questions.

Workshop facilitators:

Steve Ariss, Research Fellow, ScHARR, University of Sheffield
Katie Powell, Research Fellow, ScHARR, University of Sheffield
Susan Hampshaw, Head of Research & Evaluation, Public Health, Doncaster Council
Sarah Denford, Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter