Past events

Delivering and Evaluating Domestic Abuse Programmes:  A Dissemination and Discussion
28 March 2017

The Doncaster Domestic Abuse PHPES team held a dissemination and discussion event on 28 March at Doncaster College.  The event was attended by more than 60 delegates from various parts of Yorkshire and Humber.

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Evaluating Local Public Health Practice.   Sharing our learning from the Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme (PHPES)
25 January 2017

The first PHPES dissemination event was hosted by SPHR@Sheffield on the 25 January. The event was attended by practice partners and academics .  Presentations were given on 4 PHPES projects and posters from the 16 SPHR PHPES projects were displayed.

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New Evidence and Future Research for Alcohol Policy evaluation in Local Government
30 June 2016

This ‘invitation only’ workshop looked at sharing  findings of new alcohol policy research relevant to Local Authorities and  providing an opportunity to discuss what Local Authorities most need from future alcohol intervention and policy evaluation research, including development of decision support tools

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How to Evaluate your Work around Public Health Workshop
8 April 2016

The second SPHR@Sheffield evaluation workshop was held on the 8th April 2016. The event was attended by 32 people from a range of statutory and community and voluntary sector organisations – including physical activity, gypsy and traveller health, and mental health services. There were practitioners and commissioners in attendance. Participants had varied experience of evaluation

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SPHR@Sheffield Perspectives on Public Involvement in research
10 December 2015

Perspectives on Public Involvement in research for health and wellbeing


  1.  To share a set of varied experiences of public involvement, public engagement and   co-production within public health research
  2.  To critically reflect on the challenges of public involvement, public engagement and co-production within research and discuss potential solutions to these challenges
  3.  To provide networking opportunities for public representatives, practitioners and researchers.

This was an informal event with the emphasis on honest reflection and ideas sharing.

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SPHR/EPRU Public Health Economics Workshop
19 November 2015

A one-day workshop on Public Health Economics and effects on UK employers was held in Sheffield.  Invited participants shared their current work and looked at different approaches to analysing the impact of disease and health improvement on employers.

How to Evaluate your Work around Public Health Workshop
16 September 2015

This interactive workshop was run for anyone involved in designing, commissioning, managing or delivering strategies, policies or interventions aimed at improving the health and well-being of the population.   Participants who considered  themselves to be working in public health or in any area that has the potential to impact upon public health, such as: housing; police and crime; social services; education; planning; transport were welcomed. Participants are were also welcome from the public and third sector.   Participants were encouraged to contribute examples from their own areas of work for group exercises.

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Smoking and Drinking: Workshop to develop a common policy modelling framework for policies that target smoking and alcohol use
8 September 2015

The workshop was organised by Drs Duncan Gillespie (University of Sheffield) and Jenny Hatchard (University of Bath) – early career researchers in the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies. The workshop focused on discussing similarities and differences in the mechanisms by which public health policies affect smoking and drinking in different parts of society. It also asked how policy effects on smoking and drinking might interact.

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Ageing Well Programme – Public and Practice Engagement Event
24 February 2015

As part of NIHR SPHR’s Ageing Well programme, researchers at the University of Sheffield’s School of Health Research and Related Research (ScHARR) hosted an engagement event with independent voluntary group, Sheffield 50+, to share the programme’s research findings and gain input from members of the public, public health practitioners, and commissioners.

Sheffield 50+ promotes and supports the capacity and skills of people over 50 so that they can actively participate in society. Members of the group had previously engaged in shaping the “Welfare and Wellbeing of Older People” project and this event provided an opportunity to develop this reciprocal relationship and share the final results of the study and related work from the Ageing Well programme. Input was also sought on new projects inviting ongoing involvement for the group.

The event introduced NIHR SPHR and the Ageing Well programme and included open discussions on:

  • Welfare and Wellbeing in Older People: summary of findings (Katie Powell)
    An investigation into the role and impact of universal benefits and conditional benefits on the wellbeing of older people
  • a review of evidence on Inequitable Access to treatments and care among older people: overview of work-in-progress (Mel Rimmer)
  • an analysis of patterns of Smoking Cessation services by age: overview of planned work (Hannah Jordan)

The event was positively received and provided a valuable opportunity to make connections with relevant local projects and listen to attendees whose contributions will feed into the development of future research.

NIHR SPHR ScHARR Stakeholder Event
21 May 2013

This successful stakeholder event involved around 40 participants from local authorities, NHS and third sector organisations. Dr Cathy Read, Public Health Consultant, Public Health England Yorkshire and Humber and Dr Liz Walton, General Practitioner & NIHR In-practice Training Fellow gave invited talks and three examples of innovative local public health practice were shared (Bridget Strong Sheffield Mind and Body Project;  Amrita Jesurasa smoking cessation intervention; and  Roz Davies ‘Health be me’ (healthbeme)). Alongside this, the proposed NIHR SPHR research programme was introduced and feedback gathered from participants to inform further development of research questions and designs. A report of the workshop was posted on the ScHARR website.

Internal knowledge sharing event to broaden understanding of NIHR SPHR among colleagues across ScHARR in June 2014. 25 staff members attended. Profs Jennie Popay, Jon Nicholl and Mark Petticrew gave their perspectives on ScHARR and areas of synergy were identified with wider research programmes in ScHARR. Our aim to involve a wider range of academic staff in our NIHR SPHR work programme has resulted in 3 further lecturing staff joining NIHR SPHR research teams.

NIHR SPHR Annual Scientific Meetings

NIHR SPHR Annual Scientific Meeting  23 March 2017:
NIHR SPHR Annual Scientific Meeting  10 March 2016:  Knowledge into practice

In March 2016 the whole of the NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) gathered together at The Centre for Life in Newcastle for their fourth Annual Scientific Meeting. The School’s academic researchers were joined by invited guests from across the public health system for a day of presentations, workshops and debates on how best to translate the knowledge and evidence generated by the School’s research into practice, and to reflect on the future priorities for public health research.

NIHR SPHR Annual Scientific Meeting 2014

The third NIHR SPHR Annual Scientific Meeting was held in Sheffield on 21st & 22nd October 2014 at the University of Sheffield’s conference centre, The Edge. This year, the event was held over two days beginning with the inaugural NIHR SPHR Researchers’ Network Meeting on 21st October, followed by the Annual Scientific Meeting on 22nd.

NIHR SPHR Annual Scientific Meeting 2013

The second Annual Scientific Meeting was held in London on 8th October, 2013 showcased the School’s research priorities and themes and set out the emerging School-wide programmes of research. There was input from a number of distinguished guest speakers as well as a keynote from Professor Gerard Hastings.

NIHR SPHR’s Director, Professor Jon Nicholl of the University of Sheffield, welcome 135 NIHR SPHR researchers and external invited guests and noted the School’s progress so far. There are now 24 research projects underway within 3 programmes. 140 researchers are on board and several PhD students.

NIHR SPHR Inaugural Annual Scientific Meeting 2012

The School’s inaugural Annual Scientific Meeting was held on 10th October 2012 in Sheffield. The event brought together over 60 academic researchers from the School’s member institutions with invited guests from across the public health system.

NIHR SPHR’s Director, Professor Jon Nicholl of the University of Sheffield provided an overview of the School’s strategy and research programmes. Delegates were then given the opportunity to learn more about 12 research projects currently underway and the School-wide research themes being developed by members.