Responsive to employer and employee demand, ScHARR offers professional development services to the health and social care sector.

Whether you are an individual, manager or part of a team, we offer a range of learning and development opportunities to support change, improve performance and drive innovation. Our courses can be bespoke for specific organisations, customised to meet the requirements of a sector, or modified from our existing portfolio of workforce education.

Bridging competency gaps and building capability can deliver a driven and focused workforce that makes a difference now and for the future. Working in partnership with employers, we ensure that courses reflect industry needs, are current and informed by our position as one of the largest multi-disciplinary schools of health related research in the UK.

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Funding Available (LBR and SSPRD)
Learning Beyond Registration (LBR) and Specialist Skills Post Registration Development (SSPRD) funding is available to applicants for our courses/modules who are NHS staff in East Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber through their contracts with the University of Sheffield.   Find out more about the LBR/SSPRD scheme.

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Industry, public sector and charities can access the expertise of ScHARR’s academic staff.

ScHARR is committed to knowledge creation, bringing innovative ideas to your organisation that will help produce substantial benefits and commercial outputs. We can work with you to address your immediate requirements or develop tailored solutions to support you in achieving your goals.

Our collaborative approach can make a real difference to your organisation. We provide timely access to the expertise of over 300 academic and research staff from a range of health-related disciplines. These world class academic consultants can provide a short-term flexible, high-value resource offering their expertise, knowledge and opinion to help solve the intellectual and practical challenges posed within your sector.

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Through proactive knowledge exchange ScHARR contributes economic, social and cultural benefits to society.

Our knowledge exchange activities involve transferring knowledge through partnerships with health and social care organisations by bringing together academic staff and industry to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise.

Organisations often face strategic challenges, but may lack the in-house skills or resources to address them. The Government-sponsored Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme can offer a solution to this. This UK-wide programme enables organisations to improve competitiveness, productivity and performance by using the knowledge residing in UK Higher Education Institutions.

A KTP enables you to develop a strategic relationship with ScHARR and also provides you the opportunity to develop a new employee with senior management potential, whilst upskilling additional staff.

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With a world class reputation for research excellence, ScHARR solves real-world problems through collaborative applied research.

By working with ScHARR you can seek to add value to in-house capabilities or support in the development of new products or processes. This research might be collaborative, with your staff working alongside our researchers, or you may simply employ us to undertake a particular piece of research work

ScHARR has recognised the methodological strengths in health economics; cost-effectiveness modelling; health measurement and valuation; clinical trials; evaluation of interventions; medical statistics; study design and evidence synthesis. We have specific expertise in conducting mixed methods research.

In the recent assessment of the quality of research in the UK (REF2014), ScHARR was ranked in the top six universities for the volume of world leading research.

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