Evaluating Co:Create (2016-2019)

Project title

Evaluating Co:Create (2016-2019).


South Yorkshire Housing Association/Department of Health Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund.

Who is leading this research?

Amy Barnes and Janet Harris.

Project details

The Co:Create team at South Yorkshire Housing Association are working with commissioners in the health and social care field within South Yorkshire to change the way they commission services; redistributing power through a co-production process which seeks to ensure the voice of those receiving services, and particularly those who are seldom heard, are incorporated into commissioning. Janet and Amy are working with the Co:Create team to evaluate the Co:Create process, taking a developmental evaluation approach which seeks to produce real-time feedback to help adapt principles of practice.

While there is much interest and policy commitment to co-production across the countries of the UK, the evidence base on how co-production processes works, in what circumstances and with what outcomes is still limited. This project aims to add to the evidence base of what works in relation to co-production.


September 2016 – June 2019

Expected outputs

Outputs will be co-produced with the Co:Create team and local commissioners and service users throughout the process. We will be co-producing programme theories/systems models for a number of selected projects at the start of the process, and revisiting these and reflecting on successes, issues and ways forward throughout. We will also co-produce annual reports and a final report with the Co:Create team, commissioners and service users.



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